Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Database Management

    • Licensing CAPs - Points vs Aux Points

    • Backups and Snapshot Management

    • Manage Alarm Database

  • 2


    • Use Button Event to Show or Hide a Table

    • Classes and Tags for Labels and Buttons

    • Graphic Models

  • 3

    Graphics Programs

    • Program Editor Basics

    • Show Current User on Graphic

    • Add Buttons to Increment UP or Down a Setpoint Value

    • Add a Button to do a Temporary Override

    • Coil Staging Using Multiple Coil Objects

    • Pop-up Label for Zone Alarms

    • Switching Global/Local Setpoints

    • Reset all Setpoints on Floor Graphic

  • 4

    Logic Builder Topics

    • Standard Macro Blocks

    • Using the String Block strConcat

    • Running Alarm Programs on Points

    • Code Macro Blocks

    • Using Schedule data in Logic Programs

    • Importing and Exporting Programs and Macros

  • 5

    Alarm Config App

    • Creating Alarm Tag Bundles

    • Using the Alarm Config App

  • 6


    • Advanced Folio Tips for Batch Tagging and Editing

    • Running a Contains query

    • Batch Remove Tags

    • Database Cleanup Tools

  • 7

    User Management

    • Understanding User Access Filters

    • Edge to Cloud User Access

  • 8

    FIN Reports

    • Daily Recurring History Report

    • Overrides and Alarm Status Reports


Director of Technical Services

Gerard Huff

Over 31 years experience in classroom instruction of technical engineering software. Designed Train-the-Trainer program for multiple Resellers/OEMs in the BAS market space. Gerard's reputation for quality, intensive training in an entertaining and informal presentation has earned him a reputation unmatched by many in the world of Technical Training.