Upcoming Virtual Class Dates

April 04-07 (4-day Agenda)
May 2- 10 (7-day Agenda)
May 23-26 (4-day Agenda)

We also teach this course as an in-person class for OEM and Distribution Partners as well as their System Integrators. In person, this course is taught in 4 days.  If you would like to host a class at your office or location, contact us to see how to make that happen.

For training class prices, contact your authorized FIN Distributor.
If you don't have a FIN Distributor, email training@j2innovations.com

Class Agendas

Scheduled as a virtual class, this course is offered in two different formats, depending on which better suits your work day. The class is delivered either as a 4-day, full-day training class or a 7-day, partial-day training class.  Live online sessions with the Instructor are separated with self-study videos and labs. Each live session is about 2 hours long, and then the student has until the next live session to complete the self-study work.
The 4-day agenda has two live sessions per day. Whereas, the 7-day agenda has only one live session per day.  Either way, the same material is covered in the class, just with differing amounts of class time per day.

These agendas are listed in time zone eastern U.S.  
Times will be adjusted occasionally for partners around the world.

Download these two agendas:

FIN 5 Agenda 4 Day.pdf
FIN 5 Agenda 7 Day.pdf

In order to give the appropriate attention to students, we only allow up to 15 attendees in each class.

If your organization would like a private class for yourself or your clients, we can do that as well.

See all lessons in the Class Topics section below.


Director of Technical Services

Gerard Huff

Over 31 years experience in classroom instruction of technical engineering software. Designed Train-the-Trainer program for multiple Resellers/OEMs in the BAS market space. Gerard's reputation for quality, intensive training in an entertaining and informal presentation has earned him a reputation unmatched by many in the world of Technical Training.

Class Topics

  • 1

    Module 1 - Introduction to FIN Framework

    • How to Use the Course Player

    • Intro to FIN Technicians Class

    • Class Files Download

    • Installing FIN

    • Moving Project Folders

    • Introducing Project Haystack

  • 2

    Live Session 1 - Intro, Setup, and Integration Demos

    • Live Session 1 Recording

  • 3

    Module 2 - Creating a New Project

    • Creating a New Project

  • 4

    Module 3 - Haystack Integration

    • Integrating Haystack Data

  • 5

    Module 4 - Restoring Library Records

    • Restoring Saved Library Records

  • 6

    Module 5 - BACnet Integration and Data Modeling

    • Discover and Add BACnet Devices

    • Adding BACnet Points to Equips

    • Adding a BACnet VAV

    • Cloning Equips

    • Restoring an Equip from a Template

    • What's New about the FIN 5.1 BACnet Stack

    • BACnet Global Configuration

  • 7

    Live Session 2 - Q&A of Modules 2-5; and Demos of Global Data and Batch Editing

    • Live Session 2 Recording

  • 8

    Module 6 - Global Data and Batch Editing

    • Batch Update ahuRef

    • Creating and Viewing Summaries

    • Project Haystack Video

    • Point Tags and the Write Array

    • Global Setpoint Commands

    • Using Filters and Batch Editing Tags

    • Practice Global Setpoint Changes and DB Queries

  • 9

    Live Session 3 - Q&A of Module 6; and Demos of Logic Builder Labs

    • Live Session 3 Recording

  • 10

    Module 7 - Logic Builder

    • Orientation to the Logic Builder Editor

    • Creating a Fan Control Application

    • Creating a Simple Math Application

    • Creating and Using Logic Bundles

  • 11

    Live Session 4 - Q&A of Module 7; and Demos of Alarms, Scheduling, and Histories

    • Live Session 4 Recording

  • 12

    Module 8 - Alarming

    • Creating a High Temperature Alarm for an Equip

    • Set up Email for Reporting Alarms

    • Creating VAV Alarms Using Occupancy

  • 13

    Module 9 - Scheduling

    • Making Points Schedulable

    • Creating and Editing Schedules

  • 14

    Module 10 - Historical Data and Trending

    • Creating Collected Histories on Points

    • Creating and Saving Charts of Histories

  • 15

    Live Session 5 - Q&A of Modules 8-10; Demos of Graphics

    • Live Session 5 Recording

  • 16

    Module 11 - Graphics

    • Creating an AHU Graphic

    • Creating a VAV Graphic

    • Creating a Floorplan Graphic

    • Creating a Site Graphic

    • Top Level Graphic

    • Graphic Program Example 1

    • Graphic Program Example 2

  • 17

    Live Session 6 - Q&A of Module 11; Demo of Users and Security

    • Live Session 6 Recording

  • 18

    Module 12 - Users and Security

    • Creating Users

    • Configuring App Permissions and Access Filters

    • Creating and Using Security Categories with Actions

    • User Groups

    • Sync Users to FIN Network Devices

  • 19

    Module 13 - Database Backups

    • Database Backups (Snapshots)

  • 20

    Live Session 7 - Q&A of Modules 12-13; Intro to the Practical Application Lab

    • Recording of Live Session 7

  • 21

    PAL (Practical Application Lab)

    • Practical Application Lab download

    • Project Upload

    • Course Survey

  • 22

    Next Steps

    • FIN Fast Track Program

    • Documentation, Videos, and Other Resources

    • Support Service Desk